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Your Success Matters

How would you show up for your business if you didn’t feel overwhelmed, like an imposter, or burnt out? What success are you missing out on by not breaking through limiting beliefs? How much easier would it be if you weren’t stopped by something you don’t know how to do? I can help you navigate a new path where you feel excited and inspired to start your day. You deserve the business you dream of – let’s get started!

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Every business owner should have someone in their corner. Venting to a friend won’t help your business gain focus or clarity but strategizing with Lisa can give you the sounding board and accountability you need to see the bigger picture and attain big wins.

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping can help clear limiting beliefs and emotional triggers that can become stumbling blocks to your business success. Through tapping, you can work towards your highest potential.


Your Safe Space to Feel Heard

Everything we discuss is confidential. Sometimes the blocks in your business are the result of past experiences and limiting beliefs that need to be shared and then reframed to move forward. Lisa can help!

I’ll show you how to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling empowered to be your true self in your business.”

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Frequently Asked

What is coaching and how is it different from psychotherapy or training?

Coaching is all about empowering you. It focuses on what you want to create. A coach is in your corner and helps you build confidence and abilities by being a safe place to have honest conversations, helping you see different perspectives, and always believing in and supporting you.

 It’s different from psychotherapy, which focuses on gaining understanding and resolution of past experiences, and training, which focuses on the transfer of skills and knowledge.


What is your approach to coaching?

My process is pretty straight forward. I look at what you want to get done and what is stopping you. Then:

  • We do EFT tapping to release any inner roadblocks.
  • We figure out how you can get it done (what steps you need to take).
  • We map out a timeline for getting it done.
  • I’m there to brainstorm, motivate, and support you as you accomplish your goals and tap into your unique potential!
  • You get it done!


What is EFT tapping?

EFT tapping is an effective alternative therapy that is helpful for relieving anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, weight issues, and other problems. It involves tapping specific points on the head and body in a particular sequence while focusing on the issue. I also use Matrix Reimprinting, which is an advanced form of EFT tapping that is powerful for working with trauma.

I want to work on my business. How does EFT tapping help with that?

Through tapping, you can clear out limiting beliefs and emotional triggers that stop you from taking action in your business. For example, you may unconsciously believe that making a lot of money is selfish, or what you provide in your business is easy for you so you shouldn’t charge people. It’s nearly impossible to have a successful business when you think you shouldn’t make money!

How long does coaching take?

It depends on your goals. I offer shorter packages (8 weeks) if you want to focus on a specific area in your business, such as launching a new offer or completing a project. I also offer longer packages (up to 6 months) if you want to work on multiple projects or your overall business.

What about confidentiality?

Everything you share in the coaching process and during EFT tapping is confidential between you and me.

I’m interested; how do we start? And how will we meet?

Schedule a complimentary call with me. During the call, I will help you get crystal clear about where you are and where you want to be, and I’ll give some ideas on how to get there. At the end of the session, we’ll check in about whether it would be a good fit to continue working together. There’s no pressure and I won’t even invite you to work with me unless I think I can help you. If we do decide to continue working together, all meetings will be done by Zoom.


I look forward to connecting with you!

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